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vegetables And Fruit Drying Machine

The fruit and vegetable drying machine is mainly composed of drying chamber, material trays, ventilation system and temperature and moisture control system. It offers a flexible drying temperature, Equipped with a moisture tester, user can know the moisture content via the display.


Use and Features

1、The fuel can be used coal and electricity. According to the actual situation choose the best one.

2、The pre-set temperature range and enabling precise temperature-controlled drying.

3、There have standard box 20trays, 40trays, 60trays, 80trays,100trays,120trays four specifications, we can also customized.

4、The vegetables and fruit drying machine system material are stainless steel and special plastic. The size of tray is 600X800X70mm, The size is uniform and have Strong interchangeability.

Low investment, safe and reliable operation, wide range of applications

5、Low investment, safe and reliable operation, wide range of applications

6、Low investment, safe and reliable operation, wide range of applications

Advantage The thermostatic drying oven is mainly composed of drying chamber, combustor, electric heating tubes, ventilation system and control system.

  • Drying chamber: By utilizing stainless steel inside and coated steel plate outside, the drying chamber saves cost while ensures hygiene and corrosion resistance in the drying process.

  • Combustor: To cope with the smoke and fume produced during the process, the combustor is connected with a chimney, efficient and convenient.

  • Ventilation :When it comes to moisture control, the ventilation system plays an important role in balancing the moisture and air in the machine.

  • Control System:The control cabinet controls the electric heating tubes and fans. Additionally, it is installed with a temperature and moisture tester, which gives a convenient way to user for knowing the present condition

Technical Parameter

SpecificationPower supplyFan power (kW)Total power of Equipment (kW)
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