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Pre-sales service

Please depend on your raw material properties, production capacity ,economic situation, own local development prospects to determine which model , also combined with the experience from us, let me help you select production line or single equipment.; assistance to make a construction plan by supplying all drawings and data needed, also most favorable scheme for you.

After-sales service

We give the long time service. The machines are one year for the gurantee time, the motor five years
gurteen ,one or two service engineers will stay to ensure the whole line running well 
after the installation & adjustment is finished. any questions contact us and we are available at any time.

Warmth Reminding

Many manufacturers process products out of supervision or management, manufactured in a rough way, jerry building, using low quality materials, forging 
freely, having no technologies, drawings or tests just for low costs and low prices, they are irresponsible for users. Their equipment can be operated currently 
but failures will occur in a short time, or become waste. To tell you the true, they will do business with you one time, and give no consideration to the future 
of the users, accordingly all users shall be careful and cautious.

Your visit to Sanjin will be highly appreciated for further cooperation will offer yo u quality products and service. Thanks.


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