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    Gongyi city sanjin charcoal factory was built in 1988, is located in gongyi city in henan province.Is a technology leading enterprises, the People's Republic of China import and export enterprises, charcoal machine won the national patents 10.Company main products: charcoal, charcoal machine automation equipment, series of straw gasifier, straw gasification, carbon powder molding machine, grinder, sawdust dryer, stick machine, such as coking furnace large biomass equipment production line.

    Gongyi Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory Gongyi Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory
    Gongyi Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory Gongyi Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory

    In nearly 20 years of development, our factory together industry elite, professional and technical, fall in love."Sanjin machinery" from a single charcoal machine equipment development to the series of power plant equipment, have three series more than 30 varieties of mechanical products.I plant strong technical force, advanced production technology and equipment, perfect testing and test methods, excellent technical and after-sales service, continuous new product technology improvement, make our products always in the leading level at home and abroad, and won the national patents 10.Has been exported to Britain, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries and regions, favored by customers at home and abroad and praise, has a higher market share in domestic and foreign markets.

    The development of society, industry competition, take us into "homogeneity era"."Sanjin machinery" can in the fierce market competition, all thanks to the new and old customer recognition and trust of sanjin products, in the future we will, as always, continue to carry on the pursuit of quality of the product.Adhering to the "quality is the fundamental, service is the key" tenet, based on the central plains, look around the world, adhere to the "honest, down-to-earth" belief.We sincerely hope that in the coming days, "sanjin" side by side with you hand in hand to seek common development.

    "Sanjin machinery" is your ideal investment options.
  • Gongyi Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory Gongyi Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory Gongyi Sanjin Charcoal Machinery FactoryGongyi Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory Gongyi Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory
  • There are about three kinds of solutions to make charcoal with various raw materials:

    01. The raw material is 8CM-30CM of logs, branches. Can be directly carbonized charcoal, the domestic charcoal mainly used in barbecue, mountain heating and silicon refining.

    The price is not the same around the country ,wholesale price of about 3600-4200 per ton. Only need to buy carbonization furnace can be.

    02. Formed after the carbonization process known as mechanism charcoal, charcoal mechanism is mainly used in the barbecue and mountain heating, the wholesale price of 33200-3800 per ton. Do the first mechanism of charcoal raw materials are required,the raw material need 3mm, moisture not more than 10% pellet.

    General equipment has a crusher (according to whether the need to choose raw material),dryer (charcoal mechanism of the important equipment),charcoal briquette machine (the crushing, drying raw material forming semi-finished wooden sticks of the main equipment), after forming semi-finished sticks can also be sold directly to use as fuel rods, such as burning boilers and fireplaces.

    Direct sales of semi-finished wooden rod price is not high 1000-1400 yuan per ton, Whether the direct sales depends on the cost of raw materials and local markets.Finally, the use of environmentally friendly carbonization furnace processed into finished products mechanism charcoal..Our company can according to customer requirements to provide production lines.

    03 After forming the first carbonization process known as carbon-type molding process, carbon-type charcoal is also called the Arab Shisha, carbon-forming process to add a combustion agent, with a lighter can be directly ignited.
    After packaged directly in supermarkets, selling a wide range of market acceptance rate.

    The domestic market is mainly used in firecrackers lead, mosquito coils, steel, activated carbon raw materials. The requirements of raw materials in the form of charcoal in the 1MM-15MM particles,such as wood chips, rice husk, peanut shells, crushed coconut shell, coconut silk, nut shell, walnut shell, crushed all kinds of straw, bagasse, melon skin , Olive residue and the like.

    These granular materials directly into the carbonized charcoal powder by continuous carbonization furnace, and then another on crumbled into charcoal particles 1MM following after adding adhesive, accelerant and water according to the proportion, stirring after forming various shapes.Coal bar machine, ball press machine, tablet presses and briquettes. Select the molded products according to customer's local market. It can also give customers design automated production line type char devices


 Gongyi Sanjin Charcoa lMachinery Factory
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