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Mesh Belt Dryer

The paddy dryer machine can widely apply on food industry ,fruit industry,herb industry,agriculture industry condimen industy etc.For example carrrot chips ,ginger,chili,garlic,mango chips,onion,potatoes,banana chips ,apple slice ,vegetable etc.


Use and Features

1、Shape: It mainly through the mesh conveyor to make the charcoal briquette forward, so it can keep the raw material shape that wont damage.

2、No fire risk: accurate control of temperature guarantee the safe of your goods.Also the temperature inside the charcoal briquette drying machine is adjusted.

3、Various heat sources: coal, wood, electric can be used for energy

4、Alarm device: each machine is equipped with an alarm in case of accident

5、The coal briquette drying machine have excellent drying effect: this machine can dry your goods totally

6、Customized: we can design different types according to your requirement, because different country the voltage, so we can customize the motor for you.

Working principle

  • The raw material was transported into the feeder and put on the mesh-belt uniformly. Then the transmission device will carry the mesh-belt to keep moving forward.

  • In the mesh-belt, there are some heater strips. When the fruit mesh belt dryer the power, the heater strips will produce great heat to dry the raw material.

  • The multi-layers coal briquettes mesh belt is composed of several unit. Each unit is interlinked, so that the hot air can be successively used. And it can improve the drying effect.

  • The hot air alway around the surface of the raw material and turn water into water vapor, then the raw material complete the drying process.

  • At the top of the mesh belt dryer for drying briquettes , there some small blowers. The small blowers will take the water vapor out and left the dried raw material.

    Mesh Belt Width(m)0.811.521.5
    Moisture after dried (%)1%-3%
    Drying Temperature70-30070-30070-30070-30070-300


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