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Mechanism charcoal mechanism charcoal produced with ordinary charcoal What is the difference

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Mechanism charcoal equipment is technically more advanced, so as to produce charcoal in the carbon content, calorific value containing the charcoal to be more advanced than the traditional burning time.And raw materials for the wood processing plants abandoned wood belonging to waste recycling.Their uses and traditional charcoal is basically the same; for agriculture, animal husbandry, food, medicine, environmental protection, life and so on.Currently industrial use has not been opened.Many businesses - mainly sales of charcoal machine equipment manufacturers vigorously promote the mechanism that the use of charcoal is very broad, in fact, this is extremely irresponsible, is misleading to investors. 

Charcoal due to the high cost of production, can not used in industry, not industrial areas not suitable for use, but can not afford.Are the traditional wood charcoal industry is now on the basic use, the price is only half of the charcoal.Unless the absolute prohibition of burning wood and charcoal on the market zero sales. Because the production costs are higher than wood charcoal, charcoal production mechanism so the manufacturers can not be sold at a loss for industrial use, then theoretically charcoal industrial uses zero. In fact, whether at home or abroad, the main mechanism for charcoal barbecue, barbecue, hot pot. 

Mechanism charcoal has the following advantages compared with traditional charcoal: 1. Environmental protection: do not cut down trees, the use of bamboo and wood products waste production, turning waste into treasure. The production of ordinary charcoal to cut down trees, destruction of the ecological environment. 2. High energy: fixed carbon content of about 80%, calorific value 7500-8000kcal / kg, while the fixed carbon content of charcoal is low, calorific value of 6500kcal / kg or so 3. Sanitary: non-carbon-free head, no spark combustion, combustion Ash fall naturally do not float up, ash 3% or 6% after burning residual ash less, flammable. 4. Shape rules, reasonable structure, easy to use: a uniform length and size, hollow or solid structure, conducive to combustion and use. 5. Water content is low, within 5%: ordinary charcoal water content. 6. The product does not contain chemical substances, non-toxic odor-free, pollution-free, burning a long time and so on. Now we basically understand, and more clearly the bar.



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